Workforce Development Testimonials

HR Manager, Europe

RTI International Metals

“After identifying the need to develop the managerial skills of our management team, we engaged the services of the training provider “Pilot IMS Limited” to design a bespoke training programme covering six modules delivering 1 module every 2 months over a period of twelve months. The programme addressed Performance Management, Teamwork, Learning Styles, Management Styles, Managing Conflict, Presentation Skills and other practical soft skills development.  RTI UK  have been delighted with the results and Pilot’s Senior Trainer, responsible for meeting our expectations, was enthusiastic at all times in conveying a positive message for skills improvement.  After some initial scepticism, the team soon understood the objectives of the programme and the benefits for their own personal development by improving skills for managing their respective staff members. The company has also benefited as the Managers have transferred their new skills back to the workplace and are consequently contributing much more effectively as they strive to achieve the company’s 5 year strategic plan with a motivated workforce”.

Operations Manager


“We are pleased with the results of the training and the improvements that have been gained. The projects have delivered bottom line savings to our business and in addition to health & safety improvements will help drive a culture of continuous improvement throughout the business”.


Operations Manager

Simpson Strong-Tie

“The training was well delivered and after some initial scepticism the participants bought in to the potential improvements that can be made and the resultant cost savings have reduced costs and improved profitability. We will certainly be running a similar programme in the near future”.


Manufacturing Capability Specialist


I was really impressed with Pilot’s trainers today. We had a very productive day and their input and ideas were extremely productive and valuable. I have fed back to my Manager and she is extremely pleased with the plan and the experience that your trainers can bring. Their approach and flexibility to our site needs was fantastic. This was a great first session which has certainly raised Pilot’s profile within the Tutbury site. We are looking forward to the delivery of the sessions and the development these sessions will bring to our teams.

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