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As the labour market and competition with the rest of Europe and the world changes, shifts, increases, decreases, so too does the skills agenda. Our job at Pilot is to find the right skills development path for employers and to cut through the terminology and jargon. At root level we measure an employers KPI’s at the start of the programme and we expect to see a measurable change upon completion.

We have a wide range of programmes that have direct impact for employers. We are able to address a current skills gap or alternately prevent a future skills gap and support an employer to move into a new market.

We have a direct contract with the Skills Funding Agency and are therefore able to offer fully funded accredited programmes that include Apprenticeships, NVQ’s, Awards, Certificates, Diploma’s, Traineeships. We delivery entry level 1 qualifications up to masters level 7 qualifications.

Accredited funded programmes are not the only route for staff development. Many of our clients have also opted for non funded direct impact bespoke programmes.

What is most important is for us to discuss your company’s needs and offer suggestions as to how we can support you in reaching your goal.

Our programmes cover the following themes:

– Business Administration

– Customer Service

– Information Technology & Communication

– Management

– Manufacturing

– Team Leading

– Warehousing


Within these themes there are numerous specific routes to ensure the programme delivers direct impact to each and every employee


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