Manufacturing Academy – Testamonials

Jon  – Manufacturing Academy Graduate

“Hello there! My name is Jon and I would like to take a moment to give thanks to three people; Melvyn, Mo & Fozia. All of who, helped me, guided me and enabled me to reach my position with Fujitsu….. In a very short space of time!
I had been unemployed for 4 Years! So in the beginning I felt like this was going to be “just another” waste of my time. The Jobcentre has sent me to various places with similar intention.All of these things became laborious after a while. I had nothing feeding back to me, no interviews, no thanks for applying, nothing!!

Pilot IMS on the other hand, were honest throughout & completely professional. Everything was laid out on the table from the beginning and realised upon completion. In my case, I was completing 2 City & Guilds courses in 4 weeks with a guaranteed interview with Fujitsu / Virgin Media on the last day…… I am now looking forward to beginning my 3rd week with them…. And my new 6 mates from Pilot are too!

So thank you Melvyn for teaching me Kaizen to get Lean… In the end I learned it was all a “VALUE ADDING PROCESS”!

Mo, for making sure I never lost any fingers and for making me actually give a damn about something I presumed trivial….

and finally, Fozia, our Project Manager. She always wore a smile was quick to resolve any problems and made sure we were all facing the same direction.



Senior National Technical Trainer – Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe

“Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe (FTEL) have had the pleasure to have received Pilot’s assistance in locating suitable individuals for employment as Virgin Media Installation Technicians.  FTEL are proud in assisting long term unemployed back into the workforce.

It must be said that when we started along this path, concerns were raised to what type of candidates would be received and could PILOT actually guarantee us the calibre of individual FTEL were hoping for.  I can gladly state that on both accounts PILOT have fulfilled their promise to FTEL and that of all the individuals from PILOT I have met, I have found each and every one pleasant, willing to strive to produce the best, and eager to learn new skills.  Not only these points but when attending their selection process at FTEL they have all turned up well presented.  Below are a few statements from the trainers that have worked with PILOTs candidates”


Trainer –  Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe

“I had the pleasure of having two candidates supplied by Pilot in my last group of 2013. The individuals themselves were very eager, attentive, and most important willing. The main differential from the Pilot candidates and the others was there willingness to be open in admitting if they weren’t quite sure. Then take in the answer and do it. The only candidate in the group to pass their first assessment was from Pilot, and the other was very close. Their approach and willingness was very refreshing”

Trainer –  Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe

“The trainees we have interviewed and inducted who have completed the course provided by Pilot have displayed a very competent and professional approach to both the selection process and the training we provide. The trainees show a very positive attitude to their training and a great deal of eagerness to learn. They are consistently punctual and show a great deal of teamwork, not only with the people they have attended the Pilot course with but also the trainees they are meeting for the first time here at Fujitsu. The attainment levels of the Pilot trainees are demonstrably higher than the trainees we receive from standard recruitment methods”


General comments from graduates of the Pilot Manufacturing Academy

“I would like to say that the PMO course I found helped me and other learners immensely. Not only were the assessors very helpful and informative they actually went out their way to help me. I actually was burgled while on the course and what practical skills I learnt in the workshop helped me secure my home. That 8 of us got a job out of it was obviously great”

“The best most comprehensive training course I have attended!!! Very work oriented and professional Melvin and Mo 100% top blokes”

“I found the course very helpful. The staff here were friendly, patient and brilliant. The workshop room was equipped with the correct tools and of a high standard”

“Enjoyed the course and learnt a lot”

“Learnt something different enjoyed the course”

“Very pleased with the structure of the course, tutorial was professionally carried out”

“Really enjoyed it and it has taught me a lot”

“Felt the course was very well prepared the structure were superb and helped me a lot and learn a lot of new  things in a short period of time”

“Melvin and Mo made me feel relaxed which helped me settle in not only did I have fun I also learnt a few things”

“Enjoyed classes. Teachers very good would recommend to a friend could do with more machines though. Well done”

“The course is very enjoyable Melvin and Mo are always on hand you get all the help you need. THANKS”

“The course has been very helpful and enjoyable, Mo has been very friendly and supportive. THANK YOU”

“I enjoyed the course techniques I learned  to really apply in the work place. I’ve seen the process before but never understood why they were used, now I do”

“Great way to gain experience in using various different tools/equipment”

The NVQ was organised very well and support was there all the way through. Very Good.

“My expectation for this course is very high, and I hope it will be open to me a window for job opportunity:- In short period. I have had a lot of knowledge, which I didn’t  know before this course. I will use the knowledge and experience to search jobs”

“To improve my skills during the course I spent very nice time. I gained a lot of knowledge like how to follow the flow process chart and how to use tools and my instructor was a nice man to approach”

“Had a great time in workshop, thanks to Mo very helpful. Nice guy, Thank you”


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