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In what is an extremely difficult job market it’s essential that a job seeker can offer real value to an employer. Many candidates interview well or write a good CV, but do they know that they are right for the job not only in the employers eyes but also in their own eyes? Our Manufacturing academy ensures that both the job seeker and employer are fully aware of each other even before the jobseeker steps onto the employer’s premises.

We recently ran a pre-employment programme for Fujitsu. The programme involved key manufacturing training in principles such as process flow but also focused on real life skills that they must hold when working within a manufacturing environment. From real on the job experience candidates learnt about timekeeping, attitude, team work and health and safety.

Fujitsu were extremely pleased with the candidates development and as a result employed 8 of the candidates.

A Fujitsu trainer commented that “The trainees we have interviewed and inducted who have completed the course provided by Pilot have displayed a very competent and professional approach to both the selection process and the training we provide. The trainees show a very positive attitude to their training and a great deal of eagerness to learn. They are consistently punctual and show a great deal of teamwork, not only with the people they have attended the Pilot course with but also the trainees they are meeting for the first time here at Fujitsu. The attainment levels of the Pilot trainees are demonstrably higher than the trainees we receive from standard recruitment methods”

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