Manufacturing Academy Course Outline

The Manufacturing pre-employment programme is a combination of practical and classroom based learning. The programme prepares job seekers for employment specifically within the Manufacturing industry.

The course is based around two nationally recognised qualifications that are both accredited by City & Guilds.

The first qualification is the Level 1 in Performing Manufacturing Operations and the second is the the Level 2 unit in LEAN Practices. The qualifications focuse on the ‘on the job’ training and assessment along with the ‘knowledge’ required to carry out manufacturing processes. To achieve the qualifications the candidate must complete a number of units. Some of the units are mandatory but some are optional allowing for flexibility within the course.  This optional approach also allows us to continually look at what skills employers are looking for and we can then respond accordingly and match the course to the local labour market’s need.

An example of the content:

–          Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements

–          Developing and maintaining working relationships

–          Moving materials within manufacturing

–          Getting ready for manufacturing operations

–          Completing manufacturing operations

–          Handing over manufacturing operations

–          Receiving incoming materials

–          Carrying out product assembly operations

–          Servicing the line

–          Process Flow



We have designed the course to stimulate and engage the candidate. The candidate will go through the whole process of general manufacturing. This not only gives them a sense of achievement with a certificate but allows them to gain valuable experience working within a manufacturings environment. Upon completion of the course they will be able to talk confidently at interviews with future employers about the manufacturing process. They will able to describe how they have actually completed this process in a ‘hands on’ way.

The course runs over 4 weeks and consists of 2 days per week 9am-4.00pm session. Each group is made up of 12 to 15 candidates.

There is also one additional day per week available for ‘catch-up’ and this allows for additional sessions for those candidates who may need additional support or those who may have missed a previous session.

Candidates are referred to us by the job centre for a suitability assessment. At this point we will complete an initial assessment, carry out and interview and fill out all the relevant referral agent paperwork.

The course is delivered through a mixture of classroom sessions and practical workshop sessions and this is delivered by two of our experienced manufacuring trainers. They are both from the manufacturing industry and have delivered low through to high level logistics qualifications for a number of years. Our trainers will focus on both classroom & main floor delivery. This is all to give the candidate an overall understanding of what to expect and how to react appropriately and effectively in a warehouse environment.


The course is delivered at our manufacturing academy in Birmingham


Eligibility & Enrolment

Our funding is from the Skills Funding Agency and this project is a sector based work academy. Therefore the candidate must be aged 19 or over and a need should be identified for them to be up-skilled. We will provide all PPE and each candidate will be given their own pair of safety shoes that they can keep.

Our admininstration team are based at our head office in Birmingham. An electronic document is be kept in the office and referral agent advisors are able to speak to Pilot’s administrators any time between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Pilot’s administrators will take down all the relevant details and are able to immediately book a slot for the candidate’s initial assessment. The referral agent advisor will not need to leave a message or wait for Pilot to get back to them with a date as this will all be done in one phone call. The encrypted booking document can be emailed to the relevant referral agent if they so require.


Adding Value

We train over 1,000 people each academic year and have done so for over 13 years. Over this time we have built up a large database of employers within the West Midlands and we continue to work with the vast majority of these. We know what skills these employers want from their staff and we know when they are recruiting new staff members. They trust us and the training that we deliver and therefore are happy to take the CV’s of any candidates that we put forward. We know that this qualification is a priority for our clients as we already deliver these qualifications to their current employees. If we can put these job seekers through the qualification with us we will then be able to make our clients immediately aware of them and put them forward for any positions that are available. This means that our client will loose less production time as they will not need to release the new employee to complete their qualification as this will have already been completed before they start work.

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